'Sphere of Influence' Has Arrived in Rossland

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
April 10th, 2015

Rossland’s latest sculpture-on-loan was installed on April 10 in a chilly breeze, attracting the interest of many passing “supervisors.”  The airy bubble of re-purposed bicycle parts now rests on the Sourdough Holdings lot between Revolution Cycles and Laundry  Dog Laundromat.

Rossland Council for Arts and Culture (RCAC) has arranged for the lease of “Sphere” for the next year, for everyone’s enjoyment as part of our public art program, and as part of Rossland’s participation in the  West Kootenay Regional Sculpturewalk.

“Sphere” was created by sculptor Carl Schlichting of Winlaw.

Most of the funding for the lease of the sculpture was provided by a grant from the Columbia  Basin Trust Community Initiatives  Program.  Rossland City Council deliberated over 41 applications, seeking a total of over $111,990; unfortunately, Council had only $45,422.87 available  to divide among the applicants.  

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