LETTER: Elections are coming...it’s about more than being nice.

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November 10th, 2014

Dear fellow Rosslanders,

I love Rossland and I choose to raise my young family here because it is an amazing place to live. As someone who works in countries where elections are either rigged or non-existent, I feel fortunate that I can freely cast a vote this week. I hope all residents get informed and exercise their right to vote on Nov 12th or 15th. In the meantime, a few thoughts…

I have been somewhat disappointed by the discussions taking place in online forums over the last several weeks. Why?

Several comments online have referred to the idea that talking about the facts of our current council and the misuse (or abuse?) of power is somehow a personal attack on community members. I highly disagree.

The election isn’t about personal agendas, being nice or who your friends are. The election and discussion is about who has the leadership skills and track record to guide our city and assign where our tax dollars should be spent.

Acknowledging the ‘mistakes’ brought to light by the report on Rossland from the Auditor General for Local Governments its clear our leadership fell short last term by not following contracting policies, not having open hiring practices for senior employees or communicating budgets on major infrastructure projects. This has been an expensive ‘mistake’ for the City of Rossland (and for you and me as the tax payers). Rossland residents were left with inadequate explanations and there has been little to no communication with the public on the city’s response to the many recommendations provided in the report to help us clean up our act.

During the last term, Kathy Moore was the only councillor willing to ask hard important questions and specifically in the face of blatant opposition and muzzling by the Mayor. She is the only one who continually asks how we can learn from our actions and put systems in place to ensure a more accountable future.

While it’s important to move forward, we should also remember the past and learn from it. This is why I will stand behind Kathy Moore for Mayor in the upcoming election.

Please remember to vote November 12th at City Hall or November 15th at RSS.

Bring 2 pieces of ID with a signature and physical Rossland address in case you are not on the voter roll. Doors open 8am-8pm.


Michelle Laurie,


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