Here are Rossland candidates’ responses to the West Kootenay Environmental Survey

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November 10th, 2014

The Rossland municipal Environmental Survey results are in. This gives Rossland voters a new opportunity to check out where Rossland municipal candidates stand on their council’s potential to forge even further ahead with climate change challenges and life-and-community-sustaining measures.

The survey was created by a coalition of concerned West Kootenay citizens who felt it important to find out and publicise the environmental and local democracy views of West Kootenay candidates in the November 15 municipal election. Rossland and area West Kootenay Environmental Survey volunteers refined the earlier version of the survey that went to Nelson, Castlegar and surrounding Regional District candidates.

Responses from ten Rossland candidates are published here . Clicking on the ‘Individual answers’ tab and then scrolling forwards and backwards takes readers to the candidates’ full responses, informing Rossland voters about their values, their understanding of some key environmental concerns, and the candidates’ ideas on how local municipal government could possibly address some of these crucial issues.

“Unfortunately, incumbent Tim Thatcher’s email was not publicly available and efforts to connect with him through other networks were either not received or were unanswered,” said local volunteer Tara Howse.

“We’re happy with the number of candidates that responded! 8 out of 10 candidates beats Castlegar candidates’ 25 percent response rate to the similar Environmental Survey Committee survey, and comes close to Nelson’s 12 out of 12,” said Antoinette Halberstadt, coordinator of the Rossland volunteers who contacted each of the candidates by email and by phone to remind them to complete the survey. 

Said Rossland volunteer Janet McIntyre, a Dogwood Initiative member working on this campaign team: “It’s a privilege to live in such a vibrant community as Rossland. The successful municipal election candidates will face a wide array of issues, and I hope they will use their influence during decision making processes to place ‘Green’ solutions as their top priority” .

A local youth expressed his hopes at the outset: “I’m hoping candidates reveal some real plans and actions for a more sustainable and environmentally responsible region, and that these are not empty promises. The health of my generation and those after me are depending on it “

“In most parts of the world now, in every election Climate change and a sustainable environment are major concerns for voters,” said Montana Burgess, an Environmental Survey Committee participant who also volunteers as Kootenay Regional Organizer for the Dogwood No Tankers/Let BC Vote Campaign.

“The candidates’ answers speak for themselves. This should be a great help for undecided voters who care about clean air, water, and land, and healthy communities.”

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