Mozart, Schumann, and Brahms...coming to Trail!

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September 24th, 2014

La Cafamore has been a performing group since 2008.  Over the years, the configuration has changed, but every concert brings its challenges and rewards.

For pianist Carolyn Cameron, this particular set of concerts has her on the piano instead of her regular position as violinist.  “People often ask which instrument I prefer”, says Cameron.  “I seem to go in phases where I prefer one or the other.  The thing about piano is that you can potentially play 10 wrong notes at a time, whereas on violin, generally there is only one”. 

The current set of concerts are advertised as “Trios with a Twist” because none of the works were originally intended for La Cafamore’s violin, viola and piano combination.

“The Mozart trio was arranged for our combination with the composer’s approval, although it was originally performed with clarinet, viola and piano”,says Cameron. 

The two other works on the program, Schumann’s “Fairy Tales” and Brahms’ horn trio featured clarinet and horn respectively. 

“When the instrumentation changes, the whole character of the piece is changed”. 

Cameron hopes that those familiar with these works in their traditional instrumentation, will take a chance on a new experience. “Regardless of the instrument combination, the melodies of these works are incredible”.   

The group looks forward to performing in the Trail United Church, as it is just down the hill from Cameron’s home town of Rossland.  

“The United Church is a beautiful space- we have always enjoyed playing there” she says.

The group will be touring the communities of Nelson, Cranbrook, Invermere, Trail and Crawford Bay.

Wednesday October 8

Saturday October 11

7:30 p.m.

Trail United Church

1300  Pine Ave., Trail

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