Elevator music from the 1700s? La Camafore performs at the Gallery this week!

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May 20th, 2014

Ever wonder what elevator music of the late 1700s might sound like?  This and other burning questions will be answered when La Cafamore takes to the stage at the Rossland Gallery on May 22.  The group, now in its 6th year of performance in the Kootenays, will be playing the works of Beethoven, Kodaly and Dvorak arranged for 2 violin and viola. 

For violist Alexis More, the chance to play music of the Hungarian composer/educator Kodaly hits a personal note.  Her mother, Connie Foss More is a pioneer in the study and teaching of Kodaly’s music education system (known as the Kodaly method).  Alexis’ life is a testament to Kodaly’s adage that children were “never to young to begin” the study of music:  the violist was exposed to Kodaly’s method while in utero and throughout her childhood.  

Angela Snyder (violin) also has a rich connection to Hungarian music making through her former teacher, noted violinist Lorand Fenyves.  In the Hungarian teaching tradition, Fenyves advocated singing musical lines to better understand the music.  “He loved the singing instruments of the orchestra and claimed that he would learn the cello and the oboe in another lifetime” says Snyder “his violin, the Fenyves Stradivarius had a special soaring oboe-like quality.”  Snyder hopes that audiences will respond to the song and dance aspects of the program which has been inspired by the folk tunes of Germany, Bohemia and Hungary. 

The group looks forward to another opportunity to perform at the Rossland Gallery.  “The Rossland audience has given us tremendous support over the years” says local violinist Carolyn Cameron, “ that combined with the acoustics and ambience of the gallery make it one of our favorite places to perform”. 

When: Thursday May 22, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Rossland Gallery

Tickets:  Adults $15

             Seniors/Students $12

               Children under 12-free

Tickets: Bear Country Kitchen, and at door.

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