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April 22nd, 2014

Almost 13 year old, Isadora “Tink” Aaron-Martin is not only grounded, but banned from the computer.  In her despair she turns to writing an encyclopedia–an encyclopedia of her life.

The Encyclopedia of Me is the brain-child of author, Karen Rivers.  Her slightly unorthodox style reveals the complexities and the mundane of Tink’s chaotic life.  In short entries, in alphabetically order.

Very reader-friendly and often amusing, the Encyclopedia talks about being bi-racial, living with an autistic sibling, becoming a teen and evolving friendships. Tinks’ listings for Aardvark, Ice Cream, Oxen and many more mundane things, add lightness to the novel and often insights into her more complex issues.

The Encyclopedia of Me is a Red Cedar Book Award nominee for 2014.  The winner of this prestigious children’s book award will be announced in May. 

The Rossland Public Library and the Kootenay Library Federation are delighted to sponsor a tour by Victoria-based author, Karen Rivers. During the tour she will be talking to students at Rossland Summit School on Monday, 28 April at 8:45am.

For more information contact the Rossland Public Library.

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