Spring pick up is here!

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April 8th, 2014

Public Works Staff will be picking up organic material starting April 28th.

Please refer to the schedule below for your area and dates:

Area                                                               Dates

South of Columbia                                     April 28- May 2

(Including Redstone area)

 North of Columbia                                     May 5-9

(Including Pinewood, Blackbear Area, Red Mountain Area)         

The City will be driving by each residence once- please ensure all items are on the boulevard by 7:00 am starting the Monday of the week of your pick up.

Any items placed on boulevard after City crews have passed by will not be picked up.

Tree Trimmings   MUST be under 10 cm in diameter and 3 m length.  Piles can be no larger than 1.2 meters in diameter and limit to a maximum of 3 piles per home.

DO NOT BUNDLE piles, just place on an unmaintained boulevard so our loader will be able to easily access your pile.

  • Yard Waste. ONLY leaves and grass clippings can be placed in a pile on your unmaintained boulevard OR be placed in clear plastic bags not weighing more than 20 lbs / 9 kg. Any overweight bags will be left on the boulevard.(Absolutely NO tree trimmings, dirt, sod, rocks, etc. in bags)
  • Gravel & Sand. Please rake gravel and sand onto asphalt surface (do not make piles)

The City of Rossland will pick up only the items listed. It will be the owner’s responsibility to take all other refuse to the appropriate recycling facilities or the landfill site.

Once pick-up in your area is completed, the City will send the sweeper around to clean your street in the weeks following.

If you have any concerns regarding pick up please contact Public Works at 250-362-2328.

Please note that there will be no fall pick up this year.

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