UPDATE: San-Latt family settling in

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April 2nd, 2014

Three months into their new life in Canada, the San-Latt family has experienced the challenges and rewards that would face any of us if we relocated to a country far from home.  One very special event has taken place: On Monday, March 17, Lun Lun San and Aung Ko Ko Latt welcomed Michael David, their second son, into the world – a new Canadian citizen. 

He is a brother to three-year-old Samuel, and a delight to the “aunties” (and a few “uncles”) who make up the West Kootenay Friends of Refugees (WKFoR). Michael David is a healthy boy weighing almost 9 pounds at birth.

In their first months in Rossland, the family has adapted well to the climate. They have discovered the joy of down jackets, mittens and warm boots while learning to shovel snow and navigate icy roads – skills not needed in Kuala Lumpur or Burma.  They have learned how to feed their wood stove to make it through our chilly winter nights and have welcomed the donations of firewood that have been dropped off.  The help of the Rossland Food bank, local merchants like Ronnie Mah, and the staff at Ferraros’ store is much appreciated.

Aung Ko Ko has been attending English classes at Selkirk College in Trail as well as working hard with the volunteer tutors in Rossland. Aung Ko Ko is taking the bus, figuring out the schedule and locations while practicing his new vocabulary whenever possible.

Both he and Lun Lun San have been taking Samuel to the Strong Start program at the Rossland Summit School and are hoping that he will develop some friendships with children his age.  The family has enjoyed the Trail Aquatic Centre and Samuel is learning to swim.

Aung Ko Ko, looks forward to the day when he will have a job in the community. He has experience as a cook. He is very eager to begin supporting his family, although right now his main focus is learning to speak English. Aung Ko Ko’s main job now is washing diapers and preparing food for his family. Lun Lun San is trained as a hairdresser, and she will work when she can. They both have a variety of strong job skills.

Members of the WKFoR would like to thank all those who have made donations of money and personal and household items to make life a little easier for our first family of refugees.  We are still waiting to hear about our second family and will provide an update when possible. If you would like to donate or help out call Kathy Moore 362-3319 or visit our website to learn more: http://wkfor.wordpress.com

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