Alpine Grind settles into new location

February 27th, 2014

Coffee house and eatery Alpine Grind recently switched location after four years in the cozy yellow house to a sunnier and more open place. Located across from RossVegas in the old Drift Izayaka, the Alpine Grind is now more central and easy accessible.

Owner John Snelgrove says, “One of our biggest fears was how or previously loyal customers was going to take the move” but it seems like everyone has taken it well.

“They’re still coming in” John laughs.

He and his staff love the new place.

You can still get your daily caffeine dose with their great coffee combined with a tasty snack or lunch, but the Grind has also expanded their menu with a pizza special for lunch on Fridays. A new feature that shouldn’t be missed! The new kitchen is larger and now they have got a room solely for baking maxed with two ovens. A recipe for success.

John happily talks about his experiment with the large community table. He was sure that he wanted the long table in the café but had discussions about it with his wife, Shelley Ackerman. Now he has been able to see how it works and says that sometimes groups sit tighter and talk to each other and sometimes they spread out for more personal space. John likes the way it lightly forces people to interact, both locals and visitors.

Their new space opens up for more interaction with the open layout and the large windows lets in heaps of sunlight making the new Grind light and roomy.

“We liked how the Drift was styled but it was a evening venue so we naturally wanted it lighter for our daytime café” John explains.

If you want more privacy there are tables offering that one step up, closer to the windows.

Make sure to check out the new location for this town gem. Flirting with the people of Rossland’s interests they show hints of biking, skiing and industrial style interior design. Make sure to pay attention to details; great design features are hidden in the interior like, for example, the high stools with bike pedals by the window that Shelley picked out herself.

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