A lexicon of Mountain Kingdom nicknames...from Booty to Woodtick

Patrick Bell
By Patrick Bell
February 17th, 2014

In 2012, Allebo Lloyd, a childhood friend from Rossland died. I knew his given name, but he was more commonly known by his nickname. I sent a note of condolence to his wife and in it, admitted that I was not sure how to spell his nickname.

This situation made me realize that I was equally uninformed on the source and nicknames of a number of other friends and acquaintances from my hometown. My wife, Dolores,(nickname Mickey) lived for one year in Rossland and is therefore the penultimate authority on the city, opined that there were more nicknames in Rossland than the total in the rest of the Kootenay municipalities.

I shared my wife’s observation with another childhood friend, Wayne Ferrey (nickname Fairhole) and we agreed there did seem to be a large number and great variety of nicknames in the Golden City.

I decided to do a little informal research and enjoyed the experience as I recalled nick name after nickname.  I began to make a list and begrudgingly admitted that my wife might be right, again, on this matter.

Most of the nicknames that I recalled, belonged to men.  There seemed to be more men with nicknames than women, possibly I was more familiar with the male culture in our city, so this may account for the discrepancy.

The origins of some nicknames were obvious, as they referred to physical features, ethnic backgrounds, local incidents, occupations, family history, sporting/fine arts activities etc. Some family members were identified by age, and/or size: Tom senior/Tom junior, Young Bill or Old Bill, Big John or Little John.: Some nicknames are socially unacceptable today, but I never internalized or witnessed any significant discriminatory  event or intent in the use of these nicknames. 

Some families seemed more prone to using nicknames and some of those nicknames moved outside the family into common use in the community. Some families had several uncommon nicknames, and other families, some with many children had none.

I was born and lived in Rossland, until I left to attend university in 1954. Since that time I remained in informal contact with the city through visiting my parents and relatives and  communication with my eight siblings. I know or knew almost all the people on my list of nicknames and made an educated guess on the spelling of those names.

The list is alphabetical by nickname. I have omitted obvious nicknames that are common forms for given names, so no Bills, Toms ,  Chucks, Eds or Jims are on the list.  For some, I knew them only by their nicknames and to this day Ido not know their last names. The men’s nicknames are in regular print and the women’s nicknames are italicized.

This research project is unscientific and names have been assembled without reference to any published documents.  My main reference period is from the 1950’s through to the 1990’s. I did ask a few friends (Bob Bowen, Maureen and Tara Holmes) to review the list and provide advice on names that might be included. I apologize for omissions and errors and hope that I have not been offensive.

If you have additions, comments or observations on this document, I would be pleased to hear from you.



Ace Bailey                                Argie Zanuzzi

Allebo Lloyd

Angel Jecks

August the Tailor



Babe Laface                             Bessie Klenzing

Backfire Jensen                      Brick Santori

Banana Laface

Barney Dougan

Barney Keane

Barney Lawrie

Beast Legare

Beeb Fisher

Bent Campbell

Bigga da Mike

Big Steve

Big Jack Sardonovich

Blackie Spitari

Blackjack Albo

Blondie Marzocco

Bogo Ham

Boots Rossi

Booty Griffiths

Booser Holm

Bram Eccles

Brass Manson

Brick Littley

Bubba Holmes

Bucky Marsters

Bud Fox

Bud Fulton

Bud Godderis

Bud Pollock

Bud Scorgie

Buddy Duperon

Buddy Mack

Bugsy Ferguson

Bunny Griffiths

Butch Boutry

Butch Dawson

Butch Manning

Buster Brown



Carse Howe                                     Caddy McCauley

Cassie Cassegrande                       Cookie Dixon

Chang Seaver                                    Curt Triggs

Cherryballs Cherrington

Chesty Leonard

Chewy Heidt

Choppy Manning

Chow Sodao

Chick Jones

Chick Turner ***

Clem Cameron

Cookie L’Ecluse

Coon Lavoratto

Conny  Jimroy **

Corky Perkins

Cowboy Eastcott

Cowboy Glover

Cowboy Thompson

CPR  John



Derf  Simister                              Dee Dee Fourt

Ding Dong Bell                            Dofee Mara

Doc Maitland                               Dolly Smith

Dusty Sinclair                            

Dutchie Couture                        

Dutch Singer



Egghead Fodor



Father Mac                               Fanny Albo

Fireball McNabb

Foozie  McKee

Frenchie Bousquest



Gandi Miller                              Gert Cofflin

Garnie Best                               Ginger Webster

Gib Hunt

Grunty Rutherglen



Hambone Ham

Horse Lloyd

Hoss Drake



Itchy Mann

Indian Harry



Jake Aiken

Jimmy the Hat Driscoll

Joker Laface

Jug Cameron

Jumbo Paul



King Comozotti



Lardo Haight                    Lita Commozzi

Lefty Lavoratto                        

Little Peasoup Ruelle

Longo Torressan

Lundy Hamilton




Manny Triggs                             Mitzi Feeney

Mitch Bell

Moby McMaster

Moe Fisher

Moe Paul

Mouse Smith

Mort Johnsen



Nosoap Thompson                     Nina Lenarducci

Nigger Profili



Onion Espenhain                          Old Lady Jesse



Peasoup Ruelle                    Pinky Hartley

Pepper Dougan

Pepper Slubowski

Pie Laface

Porky Martin

Porky Gleave

Porkchop MacKenzie

Porty Gill





Rags Magnone                          Riggie Miller

Red Conroy                

Red Haymond

Rolly Phillips

Ronnybill Tweed

Russia Bollieau

Rusty Wynn



Sachmoo Mc Millan                 Slink Lindquist

Sandy Heidler                           Spit Petrie

Scotty Tait                                

Scrawn Mc Watters

Scratch Johnson

Shorty Reid

Sib Johnson

Slim Evans

Skip Ferguson

Skid Marsters

Slopsy Martin

Sonny Corrado

Sonny Samuelson

Sonny Mc Calley

Spud Martin

Spike Treverton

Squeaky Jones

Squeaky Gordon

Smitty  Smith

Stump Tait

Suds Sutherland

Swifty Swift


Teach Starcevic                   Tibby Nyman

Thick Dork **

Tinker Oliver 

Tiny Webster           

Tongo Taylor

Toots Scott

Torchy Torresan

Tubby Mills

Tuffi Ruelle




Vanner Beckman



Waxey Dyson

WeeDavey Tweed

Whiz Topliff

Widemouth Mason

Wiggy Davis

Windy  Walters

Woodtick Lloyd

Whitey Severson





Zeeb Holoboff


Blackie’s Taxi

Booty’s Ski Shop

Freddy’s Bakery

Paddy’s Taxi

Smitty’s Taxi

Chinese residents, all males, were commonly known by one name.

a.       Those who gardened in the south area of the city and marketed produce door to door from large wicker  baskets


       Long Prong

       Wye Gum

b.      Those who operated restaurants

Rosie       Empire Cafe

Sammy   Silver Grill

***  Chick Turner   This is a bit of a ringer. John Turner, former Prime Minister of  Canada,  lived in Rossland as a young child (circa 1933)  (Turhune’s house)I did not know him and believe the nickname Chick appeared during his days at UBC. I am confident that he would overjoyed to be included in this august list of nicknames

** Two  somewhat uncommon nicknames are included in the list.  One is my old friend Jimmy Conroy and the other my dentist  for over four decades,Dick Thorpe.

Final note

Robbie Read (no nickname) He was known by most Rosslanders and served as a model through which residents became acquainted with and gained an appreciation of, Downs Syndrome. He was embraced by individuals, businesses and institutions as he interacted with them in completing  his daily ritual routines throughout the city. In these interactions he often exclaimed “I’m so happy”. I believe he was happy and in turn made others happy and the support he received is a tribute to the spirit of Rossland.

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