Calling All Nightclub Dramatic Types!

Nadine Tremblay
By Nadine Tremblay
February 17th, 2014

If you like to be the center of attention and enjoy electronic dance music then Electro-Social Club (ESC) invites you to apply as an actor for an interactive, visual, EDM experience that will blow your mind.

Electro Social Club (ESC) is what you get when an electronic music producer and a musical theatre nerd collaborate. Sounds like a joke but it is in fact the product of a seriously fun live DJ act where the audience becomes part of the performance.

ESC is an Iron Mountain Theatre production, the same people who brought you Ski Bum: The Musical, Mennonite Mafia and Company Jump. In Electro Social Club, 11 actors are cast in every city on the tour each playing the various stereotypical nightclub freaks you know so well: The Pick-up artist, The Dance Fluffer, The Bouncer, The Connaisseur and The Forever Raver to name a few. Actors short 1 to 2 minute talking scenes are filmed live in the nightclub and projected onto the screen on stage. And if you’re feeling ambitious and want to take on more of the spotlight, some improv and choreography are optional.

Let us further explain how it works- You apply on our website, we chat with you about the role, if chosen we send you a password protected link with script, music and all the details letting you know how it’s going to work, you show up at rehearsal the day of the show with all your lines memorized and you work with our director and videographer, we perform the show that night, we pay you your honorarium and everyone’s stoked because it was so fun.

Deadline for casting is March 1st. No minors please.

The music is written by Sonicanimation and Night bandit and is a variety of electro-dance tracks including breakbeat, trap, hip hop, 80’s pop, opera and more.

ESC and the creative team are playing Rossland’s Miners Hall on Friday March 21st inviting you to be part of the fun. To find out more about the commitment, the show, the characters in it or to apply for a role, visit www.electrosocialclub.com/cast

This project is made possible thanks to The Columbia Basin Trust, Teck Ltd., Nelson and District Credit Union and Iron Mountain Theatre. Tickets are $15 in advance and available at Ross Vegas Boardshop as of March 1.

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