The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award info-night on February 20, 2014

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February 4th, 2014

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award encourages anyone between the ages 14 and 24 to participate in an international award. It gives you the opportunity to get more involved in your community, to make new friends, to get physically fit and to discover an activity that excites and inspires you as well as participate in an adventurous journey that you will remember for a lifetime. You will learn to set goals and achieve results in a fun and challenging way and get recognized for your achievements.

Master Siminoff, 5th degree black belt, thinks “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a MUST for all youth ages 14-24 – there are so few ways to challenge and motivate our youth in a healthy way”.

Thanks to our sponsor Teck we are able to offer the Award to Kootenay youth at no cost. Now it’s up to you to take the opportunity to participate in an internationally recognized Award which also allows you to get high school credits.

“The Award empowers youth to realize their potential and step up to new challenges. They learn the importance of seeing something through from start to finish and it’s this dedication and commitment to succeed that sets them head and shoulders above the crowd”- Jim Kershaw, National President of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award invites youth and interested adults to come out to an information evening on Thursday February 20 at 7 pm in the Covenant Church, 702 Stanley Street in Nelson and learn about how You Make a Difference!

There will be refreshments – spread the word and bring friends!

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