Modern Jive OPENING NIGHT - FREE Entry

By benzed
January 12th, 2014

Modern Jive (also known as Ceroc) is a stylish blend of popular dance styles. It mixes cool moves with casual style and awesome music, including the latest TOP40, and is danced socially in clubs around the world.

Round up your friends and come along for a fun night of dancing and meeting new people. Try the FREE introductory class that kicks off the night and find out why it’s so addictive.

Everyone is welcome – below 16 must be accompanied by an adult

No partner, previous experience or registration is required.

Check out these videos to see why Modern Jive is so exciting!

Modern Jive (also known as Ceroc) is possibly the easiest partner/social dance you can learn. There is no tricky footwork, no complex rhythms and there are no difficult routines to learn – just “roc”!

It is an exciting and trendy dance style for everyone of all ages and musical tastes that has sky-rocketed in popularity thanks to it’s simplicity and ability to evolve with current music and trends.

More information: www.facebook.com/redrocmj

Date:     Friday 17th January

Time:     7.30pm start with FREE Introductory Class

Location: Miner’s Hall


Contact: ben.kolff@gmail.com or 250 777 4288

Bring cash for an insane opening night offer – $30 for 10 classes.

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