Vandals tear up Rossland fields, Reservoir

Arlen MacLaine
By Arlen MacLaine
October 25th, 2013

On the night of October 14th, there was a massive act of vandalism in and around Rossland.  Parts of both Centennial and Cook fields, as well as the Centre Star Reservoir, were torn up.

“We caught a vehicle out doing donuts up there, and we have identified a suspect,” said Sgt. Rob Hawton of the Trail RCMP.

However, because the investigation is still ongoing, and there is the possibility of legal action, no more details about the case could be released at this time.

Public Works Manager Darrin Albo estimated the damage at $3500.  He added, “The City has the option to press charges, and right now we’re looking at doing that.  However, we need to wait for the report from the RCMP.”

Mayor Greg Granstrom said, when asked about what actions the city plans to take in terms of seeking compensation, “This matter is in the hands of the RCMP for now.  We’ll have to see what their report says before moving forward.”

There will be more to come, when more information is made available.

The article originally stated that the damage to the fields was thousands of dollars, instead of $3500, and has been amended to reflect this.

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