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September 19th, 2013

Deaer editor,


This letter is about an important issue which applies to our businesses. Our businesses continue to struggle because we pay high taxes and the population is not increasing. Recently closing the High School has made our survival even harder.  We need more people in Rossland and more revenue coming in to our city so our taxes can go down.


On the lot of the former Cook School I plan to build three 4- plexes  and two buildings with 6 units each .  My idea is to do this project with affordability in mind, to keep the cost as low as possible, and to attract more people to Rossland. This will bring more customerto our businesses .


Construction of 24 units will not only create more jobs within our community,  but also diversify building stock and attract young families and baby boomers to Rossland. 

If you want  more customerin your business and you want our city to grow please come September 23th at 7 pm to City Hall and raise your voice . This project is EXACTLY according to Official Community Plan  ( see pages 4,10,12,13,19,20,23,24,31,32,42,46,47,48,49,62,65 ) 

If you do not have time please send an email to the City with your opinion.  City Planning Department  is concerned  about increased traffic and proposed a different solution. Page 31 is the City proposal page 30 is my proposal. Businesses in Rossland are concerned about decreased traffic. The closing of the Rossland school has already decreased traffic significantly; we cannot afford more traffic decreases.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce must support each other. I thank you in advance for your support. Thank you .


Cezary Ksiazek


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