Seven Summits Centre For Learning in Rossland Announces Location

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August 21st, 2013

Rossland’s newest educational option, The Seven Summits Centre for Learning, has announced an official physical location: 2393B Columbia Avenue in Rossland, BC.

A daycare and Catholic Church educational centre in past incarnations, the space was originally designed with learning in mind with lots of natural light in classroom and common areas. The Visions for Small Schools Society (VSS) is actively working with Andy Holmes and Martine Bedard, the new owners of the building, to ensure that it will be ready for a new group of Grade 8 to 12 learners in September.

According to Ann Quarterman, Vice President of VSS, “The location offers a generous amount of classroom space, with plenty of room for collaborative groups, independent work, and one­-on­-one instruction. The outdoor space is another great place for kids to hang out, decompress, and enjoy the views.”

With over 25 local and international students registered to start in September, volunteer crews have planned community work parties over the next few weeks to paint, primp, and prepare the site for an innovative mix of face­-to­-face and online instruction in the new learning environment.

Volunteers can get involved by sending an email to info@sevensummitslearning.com

Seven Summits will open in partnership with the Red Mountain Academy and SelfDesign Learning Community. SelfDesign, the education provider, offers a learner­centered, inquiry­based learning approach, including the entire B.C. grade 8­12 high school graduation program, as well as a diverse suite of dynamic independent study choices and community initiatives.

For more information and registration details for interested students and families, visit the school’s website.

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