NOL and Red Mountain Academy pitch their idea for independent school to public

Arlen MacLaine
By Arlen MacLaine
June 14th, 2013

NOL and Red Mountain Academy pitch their idea for independent school to publicThe Neighbourhood of Learning Committee and Red Mountain Academy have partnered up to provide an option for senior students to be educated in Rossland.  Now they are putting their plan for an independent school for grades 8-12 out to the public to see what kind of interest can be garnered.

About the proposed school, Red Mountain Academy Program Coordinator Kristi Calder had this to say, “Although we had to go the ‘independent’ route with this new school, it is not in our organization’s mission to create an elite school that only few can attend. We are a not for profit and have always worked to offer the absolute best sport training and flexible education options to local and international students at the lowest cost possible.

“At this time, the education side of the Academy also happens to meet the needs of a separate group of local students who are not competitive athletes. We are very excited to welcome these students into the Academy school and appreciate how their enrolment will help support all Academy programs.”

Organizers are hoping to open the school in the fall of this year. It will provide a full program of courses, including a grad program, to all interested applicants.  

Calder notes that the program used at RSS the last couple of years is just one way to provide blended-style learning.  

“The new school will use some similar methods to what was seen this year, but will also adopt other methods as well. As we expect to have a smaller group than seen at RSS, there are different ways to deliver quality inquiry based learning available to us,” said Calder.  

Though a permanent location for the school has not been secured, there are many options available and a location will be selected once enrollment numbers are finalized.  In the meantime, the conference centre at Red Mountain has been offered for the fall months.

The NOL’s mandate of having K-12 education in Rossland coincides with Red Mountain Academy’s goal of having flexible education options available to its student athletes.

“Being part of the bigger school population has always been a great asset to the Academy program, which is one reason why we are also offering this option to the greater public,” said Calder.  “The groups have worked together to meet the needs of both organizations, and the general public.”

The school will receive provincial funding. However there will still be a tuition of approximately 1000 dollars per student in order to operate in the first year.  As the school grows, the costs may shrink.

Anyone who is interested in registering their student for the fall, or who is looking for more information, should email info@redskiacademy.com for an application package before June 19th.  

“We have been overwhelmed with the support local families have shown us in the past 24 hours since we ‘went public’. Although we have a very clear idea of how this school will run its programs, we look forward to more community feedback and support to grow this school into something our local families really want for their children,” said Calder.

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