“I, Claudia” – One Act Play at the Rossland Miners’ Hall

By Contributor
June 3rd, 2013

An original one act play comes to The Rossland Miners’ Hall on Saturday, June 8.

“I, Claudia” is a touching play that blends the humorous and the painful aspects of life’s struggles with four delightful characters played by one actress.

Claudia is an official pre-teen, still reeling from her parents’ divorce.  Her father is getting re-married, she has a science fair project coming due, and she is in the physical and emotional throes of puberty.  Finding refuge in the basement of her school, Claudia discovers the pain at the centre of her brimming child’s heart. 

In this insightful play, Kaslo actress Lynn van Deursen uses four distinctive handcrafted masks to bring to life four prominent characters that leave her audience with moments that are hilariously funny, totally unexpected and unimpeachably true.

Written by Kristen Thomson and presented by the Rossland Council for Arts and Culture. Saturday, June 8th, 7:30 pm. Suitable for youth twelve and older. Tickets $12 at the door (no advanced tickets).

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