Time for...a time capsule

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May 27th, 2013

The Rossland Time Capsule Project officially launches this week with the state-of-the-art capsule in the hands of project coordinator, Ryan McGill.

McGill first introduced the idea for the project with council in February of this year and has developed a task force of the Library, Chamber of Commerce and other community members to bring the project into reality. 

“The project challenges and invites everyone as individuals to create something unique and expressive, and truly representative of your life in Rossland,” said McGill. “We can’t determine what people in the future will find meaningful, and it may be that smaller more subtle expressions from individuals could upon discovery be the most cherished objects by Rossland residents 100 years into our future.”

Rosslanders are encouraged to be involved with this project by submitting something unique to enclose in the capsule.  Materials to be considered for inclusion in the capsule must be submitted by the end of July at the Rossland Public Library.  

“The capsule is about the size of an extra-large suitcase.   Our goal is to include all the items we will receive, however space and preservation of items will have to be considered as they will pose some limitations,” explained McGill.  

A sealing ceremony and celebration will be held on the lawn of the library during Golden City Days in September.

The Rossland Time Capsule Project is supported by the generous contributions by The City of Rossland, Columbia Basin Trust, Teck, Columbia Power Corporation and Shelly Ackerman Designs.

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