Comedian Matt Billon brings laughter to Rossland for Finding Mika’s Voice

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April 15th, 2013

I cried with laughter the first time I met Matt Billon last year at a Castlegar show. It felt so good to laugh out loud! I realized then that in my quest for peace, I spent too much time over-analyzing and not enough time laughing! That show kicked off a great year for me, a year of transformations, learning and hard work.


I have two daughters and a husband and they are all hilarious in their own special ways. One of my daughters has autism and it was easier for me to take all her actions seriously, rather than plainly laughing at the funny situations she puts herself in. That was before a home-based program changed my attitudes and outlook on life.  Now when she decides to take the fastest way in through deep mud and leave her boots behind, I laugh out loud and savour the moment. My friends understand my need for humour and in this spirit many are helping my family organize a fundraiser for our daughter’s intensive program in New York.

I’m excited to announce that Billon will be coming to Rossland April 19th in the spirit of Autism Awareness Month. 

Don’t wait for this show to sell out, get your tickets now at the Red Pair and Out of The Cellar for $20 or for $25 at the door (if there are any left).

You must be over 19 years of age to attend this event, where The Rossland Trail Roller Girls will be hosting the bar.




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