RED to host TECK GS event...this weekend

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February 20th, 2013

This weekend is your chance to catch up with some local athletes in the midst of a very promising alpine ski season for Red Mountain Racers.

Red Mountain is hosting the TECK U14 & U16 zone GS event with 2 races on Saturday and 2 races on Sunday.

You will have the opportunity to catch Jane Andison (U14) from Rossland in action, who is so far undefeated this season with 4 wins under her belt.  Joining her on the race form is Castlegar native Heiko Ihns (U12) who has been on the podium for all four of his events, and Kristoff Panke from Davenport, Washington with 3 podium finishes so far.

With blue bird skies and stellar racing conditions, this is your ideal opportunity to feature local athletes, with pictures and interviews, competing on home turf.

For any queries, prior to the weekend, please contact Linda Schulze, Media Relations Director, Red Mountain Racers.

For help in locating athletes, start lists, and results during the event, please see Karen Lavender in the Conference Centre at Red Mountain Resort.

Below is background information that may help you in completing your story.

As always, Red Mountain Racers thanks you for your ongoing support of our program and our athletes.  We strive to provide you athletes that will make your sports pages RACE!

Red Mountain Racers start the year with strong results

Jane Andison, from Rossland and Heiko Ihns, from Castlegar, set the standard to the start of the 2013 racing calendar.  Andison, 13, came away with a clean sweep at the Whitewater U12-U16 Zone Slalom Race 19 and 20th January, while Heiko Ihns, 10, won three of four races, with one silver.

Andison and Ihns headlined a stellar performance of Red Mountain Racers at the Whitewater event: 20 Red Mountain racers: 32 top 10 finishes, 9 gold medal performances, 5 silver performances, 4 bronze medal performances.

“I felt really nervous,” says the undefeated Andison, “but by the last race, I was really pumped and ready to go for it.”  Andison, a young racer herself is asked by even younger racers what it is like to be on the podium for a ski race: “It is a great feeling and you feel like you’ve accomplished something special.”

The Giant Slalom this weekend at Red is Andison’s next race.  “I just want to ski as aggressively as I can.”

Full results are on the BC Alpine site – additional congratulations to Danny Larrui Altadill, Gavin Patterson, Vasily Koltsov, and Kristof Panke for their multiple podium finishes.

Not to be forgotten are the Red Mountain Racers who showed solid performances and who put their hearts and souls into making it their very best, only to be thwarted by circumstances – this time around.  While we all celebrate victory, we learn at least as much about skiing and about ourselves when we are overcoming defeat.

This article is a press release from Red Mountain Racers.

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