LETTER: Nancy Greene Raine takes the school board to task

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February 13th, 2013

Dear Chairman Ganzert:

I served as a School Trustee some years ago, and I understand the difficulties that budget cuts entail, but surely somewhere along the line, the educational and social needs of a community must be taken into consideration.

I do not feel, however, that the Board of School District 20 should move students from Rossland Secondary School to the J.Lloyd Crowe School as a cost saving measure.

While the numbers of students in the Trail area are declining, they are rising in Rossland.  Rossland Secondary School, and indeed the unique attractions of Rossland, have been able to attract students from outside the region because of their ability to offer special locally developed programs. Programs like this are being encouraged as part of the BC government’s desire to have more flexible systems of education for the 21st century. They will be impossible to continue if the high school is compromised.

I have two questions:  Why did the board not choose the option of closing McLean School and having all students from K to 12 use to the current Rossland Secondary School?  And why does the board not support continuation of the top ranked schools in the district?

I guess the most upsetting thing for me is that the board does not seem to care about the social and economic costs to Rossland, a community the board should be serving.  I know the people of Rossland will do everything possible to keep local education viable, in fact, I believe that  the City
is already covering the cost of maintaining the high school’s playing field.

Please reconsider your recent decision.


Nancy Greene Raine
Class of 1961

Rossland High School song, circa 1961

We are the men of the purple and gold

We’re from the mountains, courageous and bold

We hold our colours proud and high

We fight, fight, fight, fight and never say die

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