LETTER: An open letter to Rossland city councillors

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January 11th, 2013

Dear Rossland City Councilors,

I am baffled by the Mayor calling a public meeting and then having nothing specific to say.  He acknowledges  that “mistakes were made” but can’t say what they were. He says there have been changes but can’t identify any specifically.

Most outrageously, he continues to say that there is no evidence of illegality, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

What concerns me the most however, is the Mayor’s acknowledgement at the public meeting that he knew something was amiss with regard to the arena contracts in Sept of 2011.  Ward resigned the next day, and the Mayor seems to have unilaterally decided, presumably with the advice of the former CAO, that that put an end to the matter.

Apparently he never proactively advised  Council of this situation.  Worse,  In November when Councillor Moore says started making inquiries about the Arena Contracts and Ward’s involvement, she says the Mayor actively misled her and obstructed her enquiries,  denying that Ward had quit before he could be fired.

I gather you were all kept in the dark and even misled about this situation.  I do not understand  why you have all remained publicly silent about this serious breach of your rights and duties as Councillors?

If you do not speak up and clarify your respective stances, I think the voters are entitled to conclude that you all condone the Mayor’s behavior  and view things the way he does.

I can’t help but see this contempt for Council as being  a logical outcome of Council having delegated it’s powers so completely to the CAO ( it appears “abdicated power” might be the most apt description).  The pool grant fiasco and the unbelievably one sided CAO contract should have been enough to motivate you all to substantially modify the delegation bylaw, but it is absolutely imperative that you do so now.

I look forward to hearing your views of these events.


Leigh Harrison

 Rossland BC

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