Crucial school meeting tonight!

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December 18th, 2012

The Neighbourhood of Learning committee will be putting on an information session Tuesday December 18th at RSS, 7:00pm to get everyone up to speed on what is happening now with the threat of school closure in Rossland. It’s serious this time. The board will be making their final decision in February, and plan to implement it for the Fall of 2013. THIS IS IT, friends. It’s time to fight hard.

Please read the attached documents and consider submitting a letter to the School Board by January 4th. The first two documents are put out by the school board, and the Brief document is produced by the Neighbourhood of Learning committee which gives several reasons why closing RSS is a bad idea.

The School Board will be taking written submissions up until January 4th! Yes- last Friday of Christmas break. We have to overwhelm them with opposition! Please take the time to submit a letter!

There will be a School Board run Community consultation meeting January 15th at RSS. VERY IMPORTANT EVERYONE ATTEND THIS MEETING!!! Save the date! We need to fill the RSS gym to overflowing and make it very clear what we want for our children and community.

I know this is the most busy time of the year. Please consider taking some time to get all the information and how it will affect YOUR community and YOUR children for the rest of their educational years.


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