Local artist spotlights new work at Grind Christmas show

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November 8th, 2012

Local artist Charlene Barnes (whose work is featured on some the new banners in Rossland’s brand new downtown) is holding a Christmas show at the Grind from November 1 until December 27.

“This is the third time I’ve showed at the Grind and I’ve had good luck there in the past. I enjoy the ambiance there as a patron. It’s a great place to look at art.”

Charlene will be showing new work that marks a bit of a departure for the artist. Many of her new pieces depict a blending of human figures and their surroundings.

“I’m enjoying the relationship between figure and landscape lately. I’m trying to show the interplay between human and nature, between human emotions and the cycles of the seasons.”

Barnes’ work is inspired by people, nature, and her experiences of the four seasons in Rossland.

“My memory and imagination are my main tools; I seldom work from photos or preliminary sketches. In fact, I’m having great fun forgetting realism, focusing instead on how colour and movement can convey the beauty of life.”

Charlene Barnes’ show runs until December 27 at the Grind.

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