Flying High: Renovations completed at the Eagles

Tayla Scott
By Tayla Scott
November 8th, 2012

Renovations to the Fraternal Order of Eagles club began in early October and are now complete.  Janet Capozzolo, who has been a member for just over a year,  and is currently the bar manager, along with FOE  executives and trustees, put their heads together and came up with the idea to renovate to increase business and appeal to a younger crowd.

Before the renovations “it was sort of like drinking beer in a cafeteria,” jokes Capozzolo. The changes incorporate a rustic décor, interior painting and wood from a 130 year old barn (donated by a member) which was put up for decoration and shelving. A professional painter and interior decorator were hired for the renovations. Historical photographs from the Rossland museum and photographs from the early days of the club have been put up to add a touch of local heritage.

On the outside, there is soon to be a new sign with a new name: “The Aerie”, but the club will still belong to the Fraternal Order of Eagles. The purpose of the renovations was to update the club’s image in a way that appeals to the current members and brings in a youthful cliental and improves business.

Capozzolo, who is the only female member, is concerned that the club “has the wrong image. It’s not a legion. You do have to join, but we don’t turn anyone away. We want the young generation to make it their club.”

The renovations will also help spread awareness about the Fraternal Order of Eagles purpose: people helping people through the non-profit charity. The Eagles are a non-profit group who donate to many research foundations for cures of diseases like diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s. They also support the community in various ways, like participating in the toy run each year.

Although the club didn’t close during renovations, the re-opening was celebrated with a Halloween bash on Saturday, October 27th.  To show off the new decor and welcome a young crowd, the club held an open house with two DJs for entertainment. It turned out to be an extremely busy and successful night, and the members present were delighted to see the energy the crowd brought with them. 

Capozzolo believes the renovations “make it a warmer place for everybody.” So whether you’re a member of many years’ standing or a first time customer, the Fraternal Order of Eagles welcomes you to its newly refurbished club.


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