The gloves are off as Rossland Reads 2012 kicks off

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October 23rd, 2012

Last night, the first of three meetings between the Rossland Reads debaters was held in an effort to have their book voted “Rossland Reads 2012 Champion”.  The rules have been decided upon and are as such:

  • Our fabulous moderator, Jennifer, will introduce the defenders and they’ll have an opportunity to give a 30 second introductory sound bite.
  • Next, each defenders will have an opportunity to talk about their book for 2 minutes.
  • Then we enter the debating rounds. These consist of 3-10 minute sessions where Jennifer moderates the discussion, ideally with some back and forth and quick jibes but not a lot of yelling on top of one another.
  • On to the votes. Everyone at the event gets a vote, one vote per person. The defenders vote too, and their picks add two votes to the book. REMEMBER: We’re voting for which book to kick out of the competition.
  • Got a question you’d like to ask? It’s your chance to grill the defenders while the votes are tallied.

Votes from the audience are revealed and then a one-by-one reveal of the defenders’ votes. Should there be a tie, the panel’s votes are the only ones that count. If that doesn’t break a tie, we may do a skill-shot or a coin toss.

A quick reminder of the books and their defenders:

  • Treading Water by author Anne DeGrace, will be defended by Patricia Groulx
  • The Golden Spruce by John Valliant, will be defended by Stew SpoonerWhen it Rains by Laura Cuthbert, will be defended by Tracey Billet
  • The Beggar’s Garden by Michael Christie, will be defended by Ida Koric

All books are available at the Rossland Public Library for loan or available at Café Books for purchase.  To check out the reader’s bios, visit rosslandreads.wordpress.com for all the updates.  Rossland Reads 2012 is an all-volunteer event, from the debaters to the host to the organizers, and is sponsored by the Rossland Public Library.

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