Grind outruns storm (now that's speed)

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September 11th, 2012

The storm held off long enough to have perfect weather for the annual Golden City Grind run on Sunday. 74 runners participated in the kids’ 1K run, the 5K run and the gruelling 10K run — it’s called the Grind for a reason! 


Winners received fabulous chocolate gold medals from Trish at Mountain Nugget, while second and third place finishers received yummy cookie medals from Becky at Sweet Dreams Cakery. All runners received a frozen yogurt coupon from Bear Country Kitchen. Everyone refuelled on oranges from Ferraro Foods and delicious cookies from the Alpine Grind. Draw prizes and t-shirts were donated by Gerick Sports in Trail and the Alpine Grind. 


All proceeds from the race go to skier development at Black Jack. 

Thanks so much to all our great sponsors. Keep running, and we’ll see you all next year!


Golden City Grind Results

Sept 9, 2012


1K Kids’ Run:



1st – India Nornes

2nd – Mena McGill

3rd – Ava Schleppe



1st – Bohdi Ellis Kusy

2nd – Emry McGill

3rd – Kain Merringer





U11 Girls: 

1st – Emilia Hoffman

2nd – Isabelle Impey

3rd – Jasmine Drolet


U11 Boys:

1st – Simon Hillis

2nd – Simon Impey

3rd – Finn Kinghorn


11-15 Girls:

1st – Sage Robine

2nd – Hanna Schleppe

3rd – Madeline Kinghorn


11-15 Boys:

1st – Daniel Merlo

2nd – Remi Drolet

3rd – Jacob Flood


30-39 Women:

1st – Crystal Gauer

2nd – Nathalie Levasseur


40+ Women: 

1st – Sandra Stanley

2nd – Jennifer Ellis

3rd – Dawn Manning


40+ Men:

1st – Keith Robine

2nd – Bernie Hoffman

3rd – Mark Impey



Women – Crystal Gauer

Men – Daniel Merlo





16-19 Men:

1st – David Palmer


20-29 Women:

1st – Joanna Fraser

2nd – Asrai Ould


20-29 Men:

1st – Kyle Porter


30-39 Women:

1st – Karen Reader

2nd – Andy Fancy

3rd – Kerry Turner


30-39 Men:

1st – Dallas Cain

2nd – Demitri Lesniewicz


40+ Women:

1st – Brigit O’Malley

2nd – Doreen Taylor

3rd – Carolyn Koban


40+ Men:

1st – Fred Bushell

2nd – Adrian Hamilton

3rd – Leon Fisher



Women – Karen Reader

Men – David Palmer

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