UPGRADE UPDATE: Next week very much like...this week

Jody Blomme
By Jody Blomme
June 20th, 2012

This week will be very similar to last week.  Trench opening for sewer and storm pipes will take place between Washington and Spokane, and the Washington/Columbia intersection will remain closed to vehicular traffic, but will be open for pedestrian traffic as construction allows. 

The new parking lot behind the Post Office has been surfaced with asphalt grindings, and the laneway has been opened up to pedestrian traffic.  There are now five parking sites offering alternative parking within a block from Columbia Ave, within easy access of all our downtown shops. 

The intersection at Queen St. and Columbia Ave. has re-opened, and angle parking has been enabled up and down either side of Queen St. from Columbia Ave. to First Ave.   

“The Mayor is In”: Mayor Granstrom will be holding weekly office hours, welcoming drop-in visits to him at Rossland City Hall from 10:30-11:30 every Tuesday.

Please contact us at columbiaproject@rossland.ca with your comments, concerns, ideas, or questions.  The phone number for technical questions and concerns is 250-362-2328. 

~Your Columbia Project Communication Task Force



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