UPGRADE UPDATE: A busy week ahead...

Jody Blomme
By Jody Blomme
June 13th, 2012

We are moving into a very busy construction phase this week here in Rossland!

Asphalt milling will take place on Thursday, on the North side of Columbia Ave from Spokane to Washington, and the along the South side from St. Paul to Spokane.

We are expecting that the pedestrian crossing should be restored at Queen and Columbia this week, but the pedestrian crossing at Washington Street may have to close.  Vehicle traffic access up Washington Street from Columbia will be restricted.  Queen Street will be the best place to park once Washington is closed. 

Once sewer pipe is installed to Washington, installation of storm piping will head back toward St. Paul on the North side. Bedrock will be blasted and removed to allow installation of the storm line.

Another crew will start excavating for sewer on Columbia between Washington and Spokane after the asphalt milling is completed.

Next week, they will be doing permanent asphalt patching up St. Paul and Spokane at the manhole installation in front of Golden Bear Daycare.

Please contact us at columbiaproject@rossland.ca with your comments, concerns, or questions.  The phone number for technical questions and concerns is 250-362-2328. 

~Your Columbia Project Communication Task Force

NOTE: The latest update table is attached to this article.

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