POEM A DAY 7:In the Garden of Poems

Almeda Glenn Miller
By Almeda Glenn Miller
April 14th, 2012

In the Garden of Poems

Haida Gwai


There once was a sad season when

clouds veiled us from our wanting.

And one poem in the garden

drowned in all the rain,

died under the hood of our hearts.


As we huddle beneath this canopy,

a storm rages and tosses trees in the surf.

Leaning our backs against this ancient cedar,

we talk of dying and what we leave behind.

We rummage our courage for words to love while


Rilke roars in his garden

and plants a child for us,

gives us a poem of delicious magnitude.


Almeda Glenn Miller is a Rossland-based writer, performer, and teacher.

Categories: Arts and Culture

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