Dix to be commended for renewing NDP's call for a ban on corporate and union donations

By IntegrityBC
April 11th, 2012

IntegrityBC congratulates NDP leader Adrian Dix for renewing the BC NDP’s call for a ban on corporate and union donations to political parties in the province. Dix is honouring the pledge that the NDP made in its 2009 platform.

Dix made the call during a media scrum last Wednesday while responding to questions over the annual filings of B.C.’s political parties which showed the Liberals receiving $5 million in corporate donations in 2011 and the NDP $830,000 in union donations.

With the NDP’s renewed call, four out of five of B.C.’s major political parties are now on record supporting such a ban, including BC First, the BC Greens and BC Conservatives. The BC Liberals continue to oppose the idea.

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