Red Mountain academies receive $45K grant

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February 14th, 2012

Red Mountain Academies recently received a $45,000 grant from Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust that ensures growth of the program! The grant is specifically to spread the word to families across Canada and around the world about the high-caliber program we have here in Rossland.


The Academy provides programs in four sports (alpine ski racing, freeski, snowboard and nordic ski) that combine flexible education and sports training for students aged 13-18. BC students receive the educational portion of the program funded throughpublic education, however each year the Academy has attracted a handful of out of province students from as far as the UK, Germany, Australia and Chile.


“These students not only add to the overall numbers of the program, but stimulate the local economy by paying for their education, homestay and coaching. “The addition of out-of-area kids to the program is an important piece to the success of the Academy” says Bernie Hofmann, Educational Coordinator and one of the founders of the Academy 7 years ago. “They add to the competitiveness of the program and ensure the health of all our

partners”. “Also, our local skiers and snowboarders get to live and train with new people from different areas of the world.”


Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust (SIDIT) provides funding to various projects to help grow and diversify the economy of the Southern Interior of BritishColumbia. Funding is provided in 10 key sectors, and overseen by a 13 member Boardof Directors.


“SIDIT is pleased to support Red Mountain Academies Association’s educational sports program for both local and out of province students in Rossland.” said Ron Hovanes, Vice-Chair. “Marketing a program which is innovative in creating an economic revenue stream that combines flexible education and sports training is a wise investment in the economic development of Rossland and the Southern Interior.”


The grant provided to Red Mountain Academies is specifically focused on marketing and promoting the program out of province and overseas to increase enrollment from these areas. The Academy itself is funding the remainder of the project, which includes hiring a Director of Marketing and implementation of a 3 year marketing plan.


The Academy partners with a variety of local organizations and companies to deliver their programs including Rossland Secondary School, The Red Mountain Racers, Black Jack Ski Club, Canadian Ski Quest and Kootenay Riders.


For more information about Red Mountain Academies, visit www.redskiacademy.com or contact Kristi Calder, Program Coordinator, Red Mountain Academies Alpine, Freeski, Snowboard and Nordic. This article is a press release from Red Mountain Academies.

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