The North Face Canadian Open Freeskiing Championships start today at Red

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January 12th, 2012

RED Mountain Resort is pleased to host over 160 athletes from around the world to compete in the Junior portion of The North Face Canadian Open Freeskiing Championships.  With athletes from the United States, New Zealand and more regionally Western Canada, competitors have come to aspire for the top title of the Canadian Open Freeskiing Champion.

 “Support from the freeskiing community has been strong and with the inclusion in the International Freeskiing Association’s Junior National Event, RED’s event continues to build on the freeskiing enthusiasm.  The event continues to grow with sponsorship and athletes alike” noted Erik Kalacis, RED Mountain Resort’s General Manager.

“With a variety of challenging snow conditions in the southern USA, RED is offering some great conditions; 100% of RED’s terrain is open and we’re seeing a number of athletes coming here from Colorado, California and Utah to gain points in the new Junior National Series we’re now a part of.”  noted Mika Hakkola, RED Mountain Resort’s Marketing and Communications Manager.

Over the next three days, The North Face Canadian Open Freeskiing Championships will see 2 days of qualifying with finals on Saturday, January 14th.  The Senior portion of  The North Face Canadian Open will start on January 18th.

For more information on The North Face Canadian Open Freeskiing Championships go to: www.canadianopenfreeskiing.com.

This article is a press release from RED Resort. Please find attached the Junior Schedule and Start Order for this event.

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