Keri Lynn Zwicker…a 'Harpchick' who sings like an angel but plays like the devil

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October 25th, 2011

With crystalline vocals, feisty carbon-fibre harp playing and an unfettered sense of fun Keri Lynn Zwicker has been a bright addition the Western Canadian folk music scene. Her eclectic epertoire and quick wit delight listeners who are surprised at how truly entertaining a harp show can be.

Rich & Rare is more than just a harp album. Keri Lynn sings with that tangy traditional edge– there’s no “Celtic mists” here. John Leeder, Canadian Society for Traditional music.

Keri Lynn brings to the stage a craft built solidly on Classical training, a stage presence polished by over 12 years of touring with David Wilkie’s Cowboy Celtic and a wealth of knowledge from a Masters Degree in Ethnomusicology.

She has toured and showcased in Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan with her versatile trio, HarpRouge featuring Tami Cooper on flute and Jeff Faragher on Cello. While playing playing folk clubs and festivals from Enderby to La Ronge and from Edmonton to Bragg Creek, Keri Lynn has garnered rave reviews for her lively stage presence, beautiful gaelic-styled singing and her ability to demonstrate the versatility of the Celtic harp.

As put by Kevin Korchinski, performing arts coordinator for the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils; “I would heartily recommend Keri Lynn to any presenter throughout the country for her professionalism, quality of performance and terrific attitude towards you and your audience.”

A HarpRouge show features Keri Lynn’s fresh take on traditional folk songs, finger-blazing jigs and reels and fiery Latin instrumentals. Her lively arrangements ensure that her carbon-fibre instrument is always the driving force – never the frill.

The term “multi-dimensional” barely does justice to her ability to address and envelop so many musical styles…. Peter North, Edmonton Journal

She has played at most every festival and on every major stage in Edmonton; The International Fringe Festival, The DeepFreeze Festival, The Edmonton Heritage Days Festival, The Edmonton Celtic Festival, The Taste of Edmonton and even performed as a guest soloist on both Classical and Celtic harp with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in 2009 as part of the Lighter Classics series. She is often hired by Edmonton Tourism to perform and represent the
city at home and on the road.

In 2010 she received a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts to study Latin harp repertoire and technique with Alfredo Rolando Ortiz in California. During this same visit to the Los Angeles area she was “discovered” by Margaret O’Carroll of Kerry Records and invited to perform as part of “An Irish Hooley” in four major California theatres in March of 2011.

Keri Lynn has independently released three albums; “The Devil’s Mill” produced by Shannon Johnson of the Juno award-winning McDades, “Rich & Rare” co-produced with David Wilkie and most recently a Christmas CD “Winter Ramble.” From 2007-2009 she promoted her own Christmas concert series and four years ago co–founded “Jig for a Kiss”, an annual pre-St. Patrick’s
Day evening of Celtic music and dance.

Keri Lynn has been playing music since she was 6 years old beginning with her classical training on the piano and culminating in a Bachelor of Music in piano and harp from the University of Alberta. She plays second harp with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and has performed major harp and choir works with award-winning choirs such as Cantilon, ProCoro and Kokipelli.

She is a private instructor at the Alberta Conservatory of Music and has also led harp workshops in ontana, Alberta and BC.

Keri Lynn plays at the Rouge Gallery as part of the Rougemusic series on Saturday, November 19. Tickets are available at the gallery.


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