Anime Convention in Rossland

By SeanBateman
August 21st, 2011

A few months ago as spring morphs into summer, I canvased our beautiful city of Rossland to put up fliers to find out who is intrested on putting an anime convention in Rossland and only one store put a flier up. You see, since Janurary 2010 when Rick Mercer came to Rossland to film a segment, I was thinking on how to make the economy in Rossland flourish during the summer. One day was watching an anime movie and cmae up with the idea to have an anime convention in Rossland. Sure there will be lots of work happening for it, like fundraising and putting it together, but if we get one in the summer, which there is nothing happening between Spring Wing Ding and the Fat Tire Festival besides Gold Fever Follies, that is why we should bring in an anime convention into Rossland.

A few reasons why I want to have an anime convention here in Rossland is pretty simple. One reason why is that people are on a tight buget and they have to pay for food, gas/plane or bus tickets, entry to convention, hotel rooms and GST/PST/HST and time spent on the road. Another reason is to show off our beautiful Valhalla that we call Rossland to people who never thought of stopping in Rossland or drive past the junctions to see us and spend some money in our quaint little shops. The final reason why I would like to see my friends in this area to help support my idea like I support theirs.

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