LETTER: Motorcycle on Seven Summits Trail

By Contributor
August 3rd, 2011

Dear Sir, While hiking up Old Glory Mountain on July 29 I had the mis-fortune to encounter a dirt biker riding the Seven Summits Trail.  The Seven Summits Trail is designated “non-motorized”.  I followed a dirt bike track up the Old Glory Trail to Gibbards Junction, which turned left towards Granite Mountain, then later in the day I encountered a dirt biker at the intersection of Plewman Trail and the Seven Summits Trail.  His justification for being there was that he is local to the area, and felt he had a right to be there.  He seemed to assume that the trail designations did not apply to him.

Aside from being offensive to legitimate trail users who have hiked, biked, or ridden horses into the alpine, dirt bike use is terrible for the well being of the trail.  I would encourage anyone who wants to experience our spectacular alpine areas to hike, bike or ride a horse to get there.  It is well worth the effort.

Mark Impey

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