If it is in the Blue Box

By SeanBateman
June 13th, 2011

Every two weeks, we put out our blue boxes full of recyclable swag to be picked up and be recycled. There are a few of you, like me, who still find some of the swag that the RDKB left behind in our blue box that they deem “not recycleable.” It doesn’t matter if it is a plastic DVD container or a cardboard box for a Super Soaker; if it has the symbol for being recycled, It should be picked up for recycling and be remade for a new book or a new reusable travel coffee mug. But the RDKB wants us to spend our time and gas to travel to their Recycling Depots and sort our recycables for them instead of them coming to pick up our recycables every two weeks and help out with our world by keeping iy green.

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