Rossland's Anime Convention Society needs help!

By SeanBateman
June 2nd, 2011

There is only one person, me, who is doing all the work for doing an anime convention in Rossland and no one is lending a hand to help me out. If people helped me out making this anime convention in Rossland called Rosslanime, we can get tourist dollars.

I have been working on the outline for the past year and few months, which I been editing and adding events, and it is draining my energy.I tried to put up f;iers to promote the qwery and only two places had them them up. After the day and time of the event happend, no one shown up to help out or get to know a little bit more about anime.

The reason why I was thinkning on having an anime convention here in Rossland is there is no festivals in Rossland between Winter Carnival and Spring Wing Ding or between Golden CIty Days and the Mountian Muisc Fest.

If you want to help or need some information, e-mail me at: seanatonin@gmail.com

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