For better or for worst - B.C. drivers lend voice to"worst roads" campaign

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
May 25th, 2011

Rossland and Kootenay area drivers are no strangers to pot-holes, bumps, fallen rocks, narrow winding roads and all manners of automobile hazards out there. A simple drive down one of the Golden City’s aging and cracked up streets can at times induce swearing and mutteing under one’s breath while at the same time crossing fingers that allignments, tires and undercarriages haven’t been damaged too badly. 

Thousands of B.C. drivers have responded to a call by the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) to take part in the first ever “Worst Roads” campaign by identifying the road or highway that they believe is most in need of improvements.

To date, over 3,500 British Columbians have cast their vote and 431 roads have been nominated for the title of B.C.’s ‘worst road’.


BCAA Members and other B.C. residents have until Tuesday, May 24 to vote and become part of the “Worst Roads” campaign. You can nominate your ‘worst road’ by visiting www.bcaa.com/worstroads, or by completing a ballot at any BCAA location. One vote per person, please.

To date, the top 10, leading Worst Roads in B.C. are:

  • Ospika Blvd S,  Prince George
  • Enderby Mabel Lake Rd, Enderby
  • Pattullo Bridge, Surrey
  • Harris Rd, Saturna Island
  • Hope Princeton Hwy
  • Silver Star Rd, Vernon
  • Westside Rd, Falkland
  • Pacific Rim Hwy
  • George Massey Tunnel, Richmond
  • North Nechako Rd, Prince George

At the close of voting on May 24th, the results will be tabulated and a list of B.C.’s Top 20 ‘Worst Roads’ will be published featuring the most voted-for roads in the province.

BCAA will also share detailed results with municipalities and the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to ensure they are aware of drivers’ concerns, and to find out how they are planning to improve B.C.’s problem roads and highways.

What is a worst road?

For the purposes of the survey, a ‘worst road’ is defined as any piece of paved infrastructure—including a bridge or tunnel—that is in need of repair, has damaging potholes, needs resurfacing, is unsafe and contributes to frequent accidents, or is often heavily congested.

Roads that are poorly designed or too narrow for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to share safely also qualify as a ‘worst road’.

What is the worst road in BC in your opinion? What is the worst street in Rossland? Let us know via comment, and enter your opinions on the province wide-poll.

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