City doles out nearly $45,000 of CBT money to local community groups

Andrew Zwicker
By Andrew Zwicker
May 3rd, 2011

The hyper-active community scene in Rossland received welcome gifts this week from the Columbia Basin Trust this week courtesy Rossland City Council. The breadth and width of the community groups existing in the Mountain Kingdom presented a challenge to City Council in that there were more requests than there was more money available to dole out. In the end all groups except the Beaver Valley Golf and Recreation Society received at least a portion of what they asked for.


The funds come from the Columbia Basin’s longest standing program – The Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Program – which was initially set up to give back a portion of the profits from the dam systems throughout the region to the areas affected by their construction and subsequent reservoirs.


In total this year 3.6 million dollars will be granted through the program to deserving community groups as decided by local municipal councils. With the money dispersed on a per capita basis Rossland was apportioned just shy of $45,000. The eligibility to apply for the grants is flexible and is designed to support community-based initiatives to meet the local needs of each community.


Among the larger projects receiving funding was $4,806 going to the Red Mountain Racers to assist them in constructing a new Red Mountain Racers training facility at Red Mountain following the removal of the old shack which by all accounts was well beyond its best before date. The partnership project designed to continue the long tradition of racing in Rossland will also help fund a new webpage for the racers, the purchase of wireless timing and communication devices as well as new race gates. If all goes as planned the new facility is planned to be constructed in time for next ski season.


Building on the long history at the Miners’ Hall as a venue for the film fest and many other productions the Rossland Council for Arts and Culture received one of the larger grants as well to the tune of $5,113 to assist with the installation of a permanent movie screen in the historic hall. The screen, expected to be in place next fall will make the venue that much more attractive and easier to use for events, film fests, weddings and other events. At present equipment to show a film is required to be borrowed and or rented from various sources and the hodge-podge setup is less than user friendly. It is expected that in addition to making existing events easier to facilitate the new setup may also help attract additional events.


Adding to the cultural hotspot that is the Mountain Kingdom the highly successful Rouge Music pilot project that brought a host of classical music to large audiences in the art gallery will be back with a $2,903 helping hand through the granting process as well.


All in all, the $44,870 in essentially free money going into the community will benefit 27 deserving local community groups  that all contribute directly and indirectly in their own ways to both Rossland’s economy and our overall quality of life.


All recipients:

  • Horse Association of Central Kootenay – $250.

  • Kootenay Columbia Educational Heritage Society – $513.

  • Local 480 Charities – $500.

  • The Rouge Centre for the Arts Society – $2,903.

  • BeaverValley Golf & Recreation Society – $0

  • Kootenay Cinch & Saddle 4H Club – $785.

  • West Kootenay Brain Injury Association – $475.

  • Trail Youth Baseball Association – $1,138.

  • Greater Trail Community Justice Program – $1,020.

  • Trail Youth Baseball Association (Concession Upgrade) – $250.

  • Trail Gymnastics Society – $390.

  • Tourism Rossland / Heritage Commission – $2,675.

  • Rossland Chamber of Commerce – $475.

  • Rossland Radio Cooperative – $1,425.

  • Iron Mountain Theatre Society – $2,125.

  • Rossland Council for Arts & Culture – $5,113.

  • Rossland Historical Museum & Archives – $4,359.

  • BC SPCA – $1,500.

  • Kootenay Columbia Trails Society – $2,500.

  • Rossland Seniors Branch #45 – $3,250.

  • Rossland Historical Museum & Archives / Bear Smart – $525.

  • SD20 West Kootenay U13 Basketball Program – $250.

  • Kootenay Food Strategy Society / Rossland Real Food – $1,257      

  • Blackjack Cross Country Ski Club Society – $2,250.

  • RSSDanceAcademy – $4,056.

  • Association des Francophones des Kootenays Ouest – $575.

  • RedMountain Racers Society – $4,806.

  • Rossland Child Care Society / Golden Bear – $762. 

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