Give Rossland a voice: attend or submit questions for All Candidates Forum this Wednesdday

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By Rossland Telegraph
April 26th, 2011

Rossland All Candidates’ Forum Wednesday evening: what do you want to ask your wannabe MPs?


With voter numbers declining annually and now hanging only slightly above the 50% mark, the issue of ‘democracy’ is even more of a centerpiece for this election than usual. This Wednesday evening will be Rossland’s chance to ask some hard questions of those who would like to represent us in Ottawa. It’s an opportunity to take part in one of the grand traditions of democracy: the all candidate’s forum.


To make sure that Rossland voices get heard during this election, Lone Sheep Publishing/The Rossland Telegraph and the Rossland Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to co-host the Rossland All Candidates Forum at the Miners’ Hall this Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM.


It’s the last in a series of all candidates forums that have run in Midway, Grand Forks, Trail and Castlegar (facilitated by Lone Sheep Publishing). This Wednesday will be the final showdown locally before we all head to the ballot boxes next Monday.


We see our national leaders hopping back and forth all over this great nation making points, counter points, apologizing at times, campaigning at all times and always ready to provide the next sound bite that might help resonate their made-for-media messaging to the people. Do you like Jack, Michael, Steven, Gilles or Elizabeth? We’ve all got our preferences, but we don’t live in any of the leaders’ ridings, so we’re not going to be voting for any of them. Rather, we’re voting for our local MP candidates.


In a riding as large as the BC Southern Interior, actual face time with local candidates is fleeting at best. With in mind, we’re bringing the candidates to you and making it easier than ever to ask your questions to them.


If you can make it Wednesday evening, great, see you then and bring your questions, fully loaded, along with you. If you can’t make it or perhaps aren’t comfortable standing up and speaking at a public meeting, Lone Sheep can facilitate getting your question asked.


If you have any question you’d like asked of all candidates, or specific candidates you can e-mail it in to info@rosslandtelegraph.com and the evening’s moderator will ask the question for you. All we ask is that you sign off on the e-mail with your full name.


With the opportunity now at hand the question becomes, how engaged are you in the direction of our riding and country, and are you happy to make your vote based on dueling lawn signs or by actually getting to better know the candidates and making an informed decision?


Nobody like a complainer that didn’t at least take part in the solution right? So come on out Wednesday night, take part, and make sure that Rossland has a strong voice in next week’s election.

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