Literature and classic movies in anime/graphic novel form

By SeanBateman
April 10th, 2011

I think it is a good idea to put literature in graphic novel and anime form because it will help young minds out learn about the classic that the previous generations read, like “Robinson Crusoe” and “Hamlet”, back in their times in high school and in college. When reading the graphic novel and watching the anime version adaptations of the classics, the young minds can see what the artist’s take on the original version like. Disney did a science fiction version of “Treasure Island”, which got an Oscar nomination, and I think it would be nice to see a steam punk version of a Stephen King novel or short story or a futuristic version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” There is an anime version of the literary masterpiece “the Count of Monte Cristo.” The creator of numerous Marvel characters, Stan Lee, had one of his concepts made into a graphic novel with in the past few years.
Classic films, TV shows and plays should get the same treatment as literature so younger generations can learn, respect and enjoy the works of Humphrey Bogart and William Shakespeare. Some movies, like “Ghostbusters”, had an American cartoon series without the original cast or a comic book based on them. Others, like Star Trek, had spinoffs and a cartoon series with the actual cast. Heck, Gilligan’s Island had a 1980s science fiction cartoon series based on the very same 1960s TV show with the cast. Maybe one day, “Bonanza” the classic western TV show might get a steam punk or a modernized cartoon version as a tribute or an entire Simpsons or Family Guy episode like what the first two Star Trek franchises had.
In 2004, a classic Japanese movie named “the Seven Samurai” was created a twenty six episode steam punk series and it added some characters and some plotlines that the classic movie did not have. Godzilla, the legendary movie monster who has a 29-12-10 record in 41 big screen appearances from the mid 1950s to 1999 (including the one movie which he destroyed most of New York City), had his share of anime series. Even two pro wrestlers, Tiger Mask and Jushin “Thunder” Liger, are based on actual anime series and Tiger Mask had numerous wresters perform underneath the mask, in which the current one (Tiger Mask IV) was trained by the original one.
In conclusion, if literature and classic movies or TV shows get turned into anime and graphic novels, young people will become the Steven Spielberg or Stan Lee of the next generation and give us all great masterpieces of animation, cinema and novels.

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