Economy Boosted with an Anime Convention

By SeanBateman
March 31st, 2011

There are many anime fans, or otakus, in the Kootenays and they might want to go to an anime convention in Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton, which it will cost them time, gas (if they drive) and money. My goal is to have an anime convention in Rossland entitled Rosslanime (in Rossland) and it will coincide with a Rossland festival, like the Rossland Mountain Film Festival or Golden City Days respectively. All the proceeds after the convention will be split between Rossland Radio Cooperative & the Canadian Cancer Society. With volunteers helping at the convention, the Chamber promoting it via visitor’s guide, friends (who live in another part of the world) of the Rosslanime Convention Society members can help promoting it by taking out ads in their local newspapers (in which people read and find about the convention), put fliers around the Kootenays and have the radio stations promo it for two months.
During the convention, there will be two anime movie double features (one family & one adult), panels, games, karaoke contest, “Taste of Rossland” cafeteria, games, voice actor appearances and other fun things. The two anime movie double features will be for two different groups of people, family and adult, in which both movie events will be non-alcoholic event and a cheap entrance fee.
The convention entry fee for the anime convention will be cheap for otakus of all ages and it will help the convention goers to spend more time at the convention and see Rossland’s historic landmarks and visit all the quaint coffee shops and stores.
If we can create an anime convention in Rossland, the local accommodations will be full and all the local businesses will get money from the tourists. After this convention is a success, some of the convention goers can come back to Rossland for a skiing/snowboarding/mountain biking trip at a later date and the local accommodations, restaurants and businesses can succeed.
I hope to have this convention in the summer of 2013 and with help with volunteers, members of the community, radio stations, accommodations and otakus (anime fans) from far and wide, this anime convention will be the second most successful anime convention in British Columbia, second after Anime Evolution in Vancouver, and this anime convention will help out with the local economy and will help promote Rossland.

If you want to help me out, e-mail me at seanatonin@gmail.com

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