What type of peanut butter do hamsters like most, and how many lemons does it take to light up a bulb? Science Fair season hits SD20

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March 18th, 2011

Rossland’s young science minds turned out in force for the annual School District 20 Science Fair on March 9, where volunteer judges checked out an astonishing 80+ projects presented by more than 100 eager young scientists. 
KAST proudly supports the SD20 Science Fair every year, under the umbrella of our GLOWS (Growing Learning Opportunities with Science) programming, which excites and encourages our talented young people to pursue rewarding studies and careers in science and technology.
Next stop: Nelson! Please mark your calendars for a day of family fun at the Community Science Celebration on April 2, 10:30-4pm at Selkirk College’s 10th St. campus, Mary Hall. The full day event includes shows, interactive booths and displays, and the popular APEGBC Popsicle Stick Bridge Building Contest, as well as the West Kootenay Regional Science Fair. It’s not too late to register your project!
On behalf of KAST, we look forward to seeing you then, and please join us in congratulating the School District 20 Science Fair winners.
Kelvin Saldern,
Executive Director
Kootenay Association for Science & Technology (KAST)
School District 20 Science Fair WINNERS:
Grade 4

  • Chloe Ahlefeld – Kinnaird Elementary- How much water do you eat?
  • Michel Kristen Hjelkrem – Ecole des Sept Sommets – Do ice cubes melt faster in salt water or fresh water?
  • Tara & Jamie Horning – Kinnaird Elementary – How absorbent are different paper towels?


  • Zoey Crockart – Kinnaird Elementary –  How to come clean?
  • Casey Alexander & Trinity Kentop – Kinnaird – Which vegetables make the best paper?


  • Madeline Kinghorn – MacLean Elementary – What are the Northern Lights?
  • Samantha Gaul -MacLean –  What makes popcorn pop?

Grade 5

  • Julian Jinjoe -Webster Elementary – What are the effects of acid on bones, eggs and teeth?
  • Ali D’Ordorico -MacLean Elementary –  How does surface area affect evaporation?


  • Sophie Wardy – MacLean Elementary – How to find your blind spot?
  • Heidi Glauotz – Webster Elementary – How many lemons light a bulb?


  • Chloe Sirges -Webster Elementary – What are Hydrothermals and where can you find them?
  • Alesha Hall – MacLean Elementary – How does a pulley make work easier?

Grade 6/7

  • Rachel Aiken – RSS – Study of water.


  • Tyler Theobald & Jaxin Byres – Webster- Can a potato run a clock?
  • Sage Robine & Dakota Mullar – RSS – What peanut butter do hamsters prefer?
  • Danelle Farrell & Raeann Lyll – Webster Elementary – Do vitamins help plants grow?


  • Derek Green & TJ Worsley – Webster Elementary- What is elephant toothpaste?
  • Tristan Jinjoe & Nick Colbichini – Webster Elementary- Can air pressure be used to bend, push, or break objects?



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