The Year in News: July 2010

Andrew Zwicker
By Andrew Zwicker
December 30th, 2010

What better way is their to spend a summer day than getting high in a group to celebrate your country? Rosslanders kicked of the month of July in typical fashion; perched high on Mt. Roberts before lamenting the year the was in regional recreation while at the same time celebrating recreation in Rossland as more trails were added to our world class network.

Jul 5th – VIDEO: The biggest Mt. Roberts Hike ever?-  
Bluebird skies and/or an extraordinarily large helping of patriotism helped lead a record number of hikers to the summit of Mt. Roberts in Rosslands annual athletic celebration in the name of our great country Canada.

Jul- 8th The Trail Resident Card, one year on: a lose-lose-lose situation. Mission accomplished?  
Nearly one year into life under the recreational rule of the Trail Resident Card program the Telegraph looked back on the year that was (or wasn’t in many folks case) at Trail’s aquatic center and rec facilities under the new program panned by many Rosslanders.
July 22nd – Trails society keeps rolling out new trails
More stimulus money meant more trails in Rossland. Over the summer the Kootenay Trails Society began work on the recently designated Black Jack recreation area, Utilizing laid off forestry workers a new network of cross country and downhill trails was constructed in the area, yet again growing Rossland’s impressive trail network.

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