The Year in News: April 2010

Andrew Zwicker
By Andrew Zwicker
December 29th, 2010

April brought with it a sense of protectionism to town; namely how to protect the sale of locally grown eggs and those who eat them. Further afield a group of friendly folk were trying to solve a half century long riddle on how to get both protection and management abilities on the Old Glory alpine area.

April 29th – Egg-cellent opportunity hatched after inspector scrambles unlicensed sales 
Feathers were ruffled in town after the region’s health inspector shut down a number of local egg resale operations in Rossland. Hatching a series of debates on the issue the ultimate need for a nearby egg grading station shone through, but not before a few local egg businesses were scrambled.
April 29th – Friends of The Rossland Range ask for help in protecting the Rossland Range  
Friends of the Rossland Range renewed the decades long fight to gain protect the Old Glory alpine area and Rossland range both environmentally and for its recreational values. After several past failed attempts the latest proposal went back to the people to begin an intensive public consultation on making one more effort in protecting our backyard wilderness.
 “There is really quite a history here,” added Kim Deane. “I called up Les Carter when we started this new effort and asked him if he had the energy to go one more round, and here we are.”

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