Too soon to think Christmas you say? Sounds like your spirit needs rekindling

Tyler Austin Bradley
By Tyler Austin Bradley
November 24th, 2010

My basement is chock-a-block full of kindling this year. Igniting a fire in the blackened heart of my welded steel woodstove has never been so easy, so immediate, so primal.

In contrast, my holiday spirit has flagged somewhat this time around, more so even than in seasons past–the pyrotechnical equivalent of a big wet log.



I burn my emotional good-cheer reserves frugally, miserly, much of my pre-holiday hoorah-ing mere hoopla, cheery demeanour as phoney as the candied “cherries” populating so much of the world’s unwanted and unloved seasonal fruitcake. 



Meum nomen “Scrooge” est. But then! Enter ‘Rekindle the Spirit of Christmas!’



Coming to R-Town Saturday, December 4th, Rekindle promises to laud and load rekindlables of all manner onto the Rossland Spirit of Christmas bonfire.



With no actual bonfire taking place this year, firelight and flames still figure prominently into the festivities with the Santa Claus parade taking place at 10:45 AM on Columbia; watch as jolly old Saint Nick himself perches aboard one of our local fire trucks and does the rounds of all the naughty and nice parade goers Christmas lists. The list is made, he’s checking it twice, and if you’ve been bad, you might pay the price. That said, hopefully Santa can resist the temptation to blast the worst among us with the department’s high-pressure fire hose!



The reindeer prance will wind its way down the Columbia Avenue to the silvery throated singing of Carollers, ultimately arriving at Jelly Bean Junction where antler clad youngsters will receive a holiday treat. JBJ’s Liz Arsenault notes that a holiday hamper (full of good stuff, not just an empty laundry hamper) will be awarded to one lucky colouring contest winner, and that local shutterbug Larry Doell will be taking photos of Santa and l’il ones from 11:30 until 1:30.



Pressed for her favourite holiday tradition, Liz states unequivocally that, “I like putting up the decorations, all the colours, the lights. It’s a happy time.”



Organized by the Chamber of Commerce, member businesses and sponsored by Columbia Power Corporation, ‘Rekindle’ represents a terrific opportunity to get out and share the spirit with our friends and neighbours and support local business at the same time.



Think Spring Wing-Ding, but with jingling. And snow.



In addition to sales and special features at most all the downtown businesses, other notable seasonal offerings include roasted chestnuts courtesy of the Chamber, Rossland Light Opera Players cruising and crooning in Dickensian fashion, and the anticipated giant Christmas Tree lighting at Harry Lefevre Square at 4:30 PM, when Mayor Granstrom will be supported by Santa’s Little Helpers–René Salsiccioli’s dancers performing holiday-themed choreography.



In the evening, The Spirit of Red Dance and fundraiser aims to raise additional cash in support of the commissioning, purchasing and installing a statue of local skiing icon Olaus Jeldness here in town. Set for the Miners’ Hall, doors open at 7:30 with the dancing going late into the night. Being 19 years or older gets you a foot in the door, $15 gets you in.



Rounding out the festivities is an additional fundraiser (see stand-alone story in this issue): Iron Mountain Theatre presenting an evening with The Tuques at The Flying Steamshovel. $15 gets you a burger and a beer any time between 6 and 9 PM, with The Tuques taking to the stage shortly after 9:00.



And that makes for one full slate. And, a much improved outlook for the holiday season.



“You there, boy- what day is this?”



“Why, it’s Rekindle the Spirit of Christmas day, Mr. Scrooge.”






An up-to-date schedule of events will be available soon. And bring the egg nogg because, really, is there any other kind (of nog, I mean)?

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