Hospice society forming?

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November 23rd, 2010

After meeting with local Interior Health Authority staff members and learning that the IHA no longer has the resources to support grief counseling, a palliative care Social Worker, or perhaps even continuing to coordinate or train Hospice Volunteers, representatives of the Trail Area Hospice Committee felt that forming a Society to address the needs of clients and volunteers was the only viable response.   “I couldn’t imagine letting people in our community ‘go it on their own’,” says Committee Chair Carol Schlender. “People don’t stop needing care because the budget no longer allows for the service. We’ll just have to figure out what to do, and how to do it, as our communities always have.”   Hospice Committee members met on November 10th, and decided that they would seek the help, advice, support and expertise of people in the wider community, to form a society to offer services the IHA is no longer able to provide. Committee members felt that a society would need people with skills and experience to take over areas that had been supported by the IHA in the past.   “Most of us are here because we are called to spend time with people who are dying, and their families,” said Marg McDonald, another long time committee member, “we don’t have the skills or the expertise to organize and run a society, plan the fundraising, co-ordinate volunteer training, or supervise staff.”   The committee decided to call a public meeting on November 25th, at 7pm, at Kiro Wellness Centre to seek the help and commitment of community members (from Trail, Warfield, Rossland, Montrose, Beaver Valley, Fruitvale, Riverview, Oasis, Genelle and in-between and beyond) who feel they too have something to offer continuing Hospice work in our area. They hope that all who have an interest in maintaining this vital, fulfilling and very necessary support will participate in the meeting and in the approaches it decides to take.   For more information:  Carol Schlender phone – 250 367 6404     email cschlender@dbsenergy.coMarg McDonald phone – 250 368 6959        email margandles@shaw.ca  

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