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Amber Hayes
By Amber Hayes
October 20th, 2010

As you likely know I appreciate new technology and innovation; and I love to celebrate it.


What you may not know is that I am also a film lover. Yes it is true.

This last week I enjoyed the opportunity to experience both technology and film in one (don’t worry this is going somewhere).
Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to raise my cap to the Royal Theatre in Trail for investing in a 3D system for their operation and to launch it with such finesse.
I attended several movies, including Despicable Me (with my 12 year old daughter). I am mentioning this film because it was enjoyable at many levels; cute movie, engaging 3D, cool glasses but I think what really made the movie for me was listening to all of the reactions to the effects from the various generations in the theatre.
The theatre was filled with families most with young children who all oooh’d, aaahhh’d, reached out to touch the images, laughed and seemed genuinely awestruck by the shared experience of the screen interacting with them.
I could hear the children exclaiming, parents joining in while trying to explain to the giggling kids that, no, they couldn’t grab the character floating in front of them.
At this point in the article I could ramble on about the impact of 3D technology, movies like Avatar on the film industry but that’s not the point of this short article. What really struck me was the reaction of the crowd and it occurred to me this was possibly the first time many of these children had seen a 3D movie. I shared this with a group of friends after the movie and some of the adults around the table admitted this event by Royal Theatre was also their first real experience with 3D movies as well.
Like many of you I have to sit back sometimes and marvel (or chose your word) at how quickly technology reaches in and changes how we do things, see things, experience and share events for better or for worse depending on your perspective. For me this new innovative addition to our community by the Royal Theatre is an enjoyable one and brings our community a little more in line with our urban cousins while we enjoy our rural amenities. Is it critical? No. Is it fun? Yes. Does it make us feel we are getting the optimum experience others outside our community have enjoyed before us – I would risk saying yes again. I also think the ability to see a movie in 3D, given the new effects, is a fine thing and hope it helps the creative new owners of the Royal continue to develop a niche in cinematics locally.
That is also a fine thing. However; the après movie conversation around the table went back to a common current of discussion I find myself in; our rural region, our capacity to keep up with the new technologies whether it be movies or the multitude of new technology trends, how it affects our businesses and community including our children. So here comes a shameless plug if the editors will allow it?
If you want your child to explore the positive opportunities of a career/study in Science & Technology KAST is hosting Y Tech on Oct 21st which will share perspectives from young technology professionals who are working in the field with aspiring or curious students in the Kootenays. It’s free and you can get more info at www.kast.com. I am biased of course in highlighting this event as I think (and others agree ~believe it or not) technology and science is a fun, growing, challenging, rewarding and generally well paying field of work. Maybe it is doing animation for the movies that are shown in theatres such as the Royal or maybe it is forensics, engineering or the countless other aspects of work in science and technology – it is worth considering.
And as for my next column rambles, unlike the positive world of careers in Science and Technology, I have decided I am going to risk roasting myself by tackling a far more touchy subject next which I am asked about frequently, parenting a youth who is online.
Facebook or no Facebook, where they can browse or not browse, what applications should be on or off limits, tools to engage/control, texting and the general topic of the good, bad and ugly of our children in the online world. I will go get my content in order and until we share again; enjoy the lovely Kootenay Fall.

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